Bible teachers have opportunities in neighboring tribe

POSTED ON 2009-12-28
  by Dena McMaster

God has opened a door of opportunity for Budik Bible teachers in Senegal to reach out to other Budiks in villages farther away. There is an interest now on the part of these Budiks to hear the Gospel. These Budiks live in a village along with another group of people, the Bassari. The culture and language of the Bassari people is very similar to that of the Budiks.

A young Bassari man, Jeremy, was working with missionaries from Wycliffe Bible Translators to translate God’s Word into the Bassari language. While working on the Gospel of Mark, the Scriptures convicted Jeremy and he trusted Christ as his Savior. When his family saw the changes in his life, they began to ask questions.

The missionaries came to check the Bassari’s comprehension of the Scriptures but they were unable to accomplish much because the people had so many questions about the Gospel. At this time the Budiks there also became interested in hearing the Word of God.

“The Budik believers (in our area) want to have a part in teaching these Budiks and get to know those who have professed trust in Christ to evaluate their level of understanding,” wrote missionary Ken Satorius.

Pray that God will make it possible for the Budiks to have an extended ministry outreach evangelizing the Budiks there and discipling those who have already trusted Christ.

Praise the Lord with us as we see God’s Word being spread near and far among the Budiks as they reach out to other Budiks in villages farther away. Pray also for the Bassaris living among the Budiks to hear more of God’s Word. Pray also for Jeremy as he grows in his knowledge of God’s Word.

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