Budik New Testament will soon be completed

POSTED ON 2010-02-26
  by David Bell

At the end of this month Ken Satorius will travel to Senegal for about five weeks to check the translation of the book that will complete the Budik New Testament -- 2 Corinthians.

Ken will also check the revisions of other New Testament books and their corresponding Bible teaching materials.

Ken looks forward to some good fellowship with the Budik believers and to see how God is working in the lives of other Budiks.

Nyafo and her husband, Tama, have been faithfully listening to the evangelistic Bible lessons, and she has on occasion attended the believers’ meetings. Just a few months ago Tama was violently opposed to his wife’s having any connection with the teaching of God’s Word.

Another young woman, Kuma, and Tama’s youngest brother, Nyapam, have also been listening to the Bible lessons.

Pray that these Budiks will open their hearts to the truth of God’s Word and place their faith in the Savior. Pray too that the translation check will give the Budiks a clear and accurate copy of God’s Word.

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