Tribal tour enlarges vision

POSTED ON 2010-06-23
  by Dena McMaster

Charles and Heather Badiane recently toured several tribal works in Senegal.

"We were challenged by each different work and challenged all the more to continue working as missionaries here in West Africa," wrote Heather. "God has challenged our hearts to become a part of a team like these who take the Gospel to unreached people who do not have the Bible in their language."

Heather, a single missionary in Senegal, married Charles Badiane earlier this year and now the couple desire to reach Senegalese with the Gospel message.

While on their tour, Charles and Heather enjoyed worshipping with the Balanta believers. The small church there meets under some mango trees. The Balantas sacrificed greatly to provide their guests with gifts and a delicious meal. Though they are extremely poor they wanted to honor their visitors.

"What a blessing to worship together with our Balanta friends," Heather wrote. "The missionaries there are currently working on translating the Bible into their language and also translate Bible lessons."

A highlight of their trip was spending time in Charles’ home village. Heather was delighted to prepare a meal of chicken with her five sisters-in-law.

"We also had a great time with our church family, the people who taught Charles during his early Christian life," wrote Heather.

Pray for Charles and Heather as they adjust to married life and as they search for the place in Senegal where God would have them serve.

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