Some Jalungas want more Bible lessons

POSTED ON 2010-07-07
  by Ian Fallis

The presentation of God’s Word didn’t go as hoped, but continues to bear fruit.

In one Jalunga village in Senegal in 2008, Aaron Hefner taught the entire evangelistic Bible series, and at the end the elders and most of the village expressed no interest in the Gospel message. Aaron talked individually with several people and answered questions about the Gospel, but still there was little interest.

In December 2008, Aaron and his wife, Lindsay, moved out of the village and went on a one-year home assignment.

However, just before they left, one man from the village became interested and wanted to hear more. Juma was coming to Aaron to talk and ask questions, and now Aaron is going back to the village to teach him.

And three other men from the village have also asked to hear more Bible lessons. So far, Aaron has met with them three times.

Meantime, Penny Warner, Aaron and Lindsay’s co-worker, continues to translate the Bible in the village, and the Hefners are looking into where God would have them minister next. They have found there are needs and interest in villages in neighboring Mali.

Pray for the Jalungas and the team working among them.

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