New medical facility dedicated

POSTED ON 2010-11-08
  by Dena McMaster

The Budik people of Senegal dedicated a new medical facility last week. In 2009 a horrific fire roared through the village consuming many of the grass-roofed homes and the small medical clinic building used to treat the villagers.

Funds were given by churches and individuals to help the disaster victims and to rebuild the clinic. Budik and Malinke villagers as well as NTM missionaries gave freely of their time to build the facility and are proud of what they achieved.

Many local officials gathered to dedicate the building. Malinke village chiefs, local school teachers and the chief of the Budik people were there to give homage to the accomplishment.

The indigenous clinic is staffed by a medically trained Budik believer.

"[He] is compassionate, reliable, trustworthy, and responsible," wrote missionary Steve Bastow, who formerly ministered among the Budik people. "People are getting medicine and compassionate help when they need it. And lives are being saved. This small, grass-roots medical facility serves 25 villages."

The Budik believers supported and helped direct this project and their Christ-like lives are having an effect on the surrounding villages.

"A couple of the school teachers openly commented that no where they go do they find the positive attitude they find in the school children of the Budik villages," wrote Steve. "These teachers said the village was very strikingly different from the others they have contact with. We think this has everything to do with the testimony of the Gospel there."

Pray for the Budik believers as they continue to demonstrate the love of Christ in their lives.

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