Leaving Budiks in good hands

POSTED ON 2010-12-06
  by Dena McMaster

After more than 30 years serving the Lord in Senegal, missionaries Steve and Jessica Bastow are making plans to return to the USA next month.

Last week they made a farewell visit to the Budik village where they ministered for many years. They attended a meeting of the Budik church. Steve and Jessica relaxed and chatted with the Budik believers before the meeting. Two Budik men are now teaching evangelistic Bible lessons.

"While I was sitting and listening to them teach I couldn’t help reflecting on where these guys came from," wrote Steve. "We remember when they were young, unsaved teenagers. They were steeped in tribal ways. After a number of years of our missionaries presenting God’s Word, six of these young people came to know Jesus Christ as Savior. At that time they were about 18 years old. They were still very much programmed to their old ways, but they were saved. Through the years they have grown little by little in their faith and walk with the Lord."

Now these six are grown men with their own teenage children. Steve reminisced about the two Bible teachers’ first feeble attempts to teach God’s Word in the church. "It took five minutes for them to get three sentences out," he wrote. "For the listeners it was agonizing. We knew that if they ever would be able to teach God’s Word it truly would be a God thing. As Jessica and I listened to these men teaching we were deeply moved by how far they have come."

Now they read God’s Word strongly, confidently and up to speed. Now they skillfully apply God’s Word to their own lives and those they are teaching.

Praise God for the Budik believers who are skillfully teaching others the Word of God. Pray for Steve and Jessica as they return to the USA.

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