'How then can we be saved?'

POSTED ON 2008-11-19
  by Dena McMaster

The Lolo people of Mozambique began hearing evangelistic Bible lessons in July of this year.

Missionaries Matt and Debi Zook, after carefully studying the culture and language, found that Lolos do not routinely gather to exchange information as is common in many cultures, so they handed out MP3 players with recorded lessons and have found that people are eager to listen to the lessons.

In September the Lolos listened to lessons on the fall of Lucifer and the fall of man. They seemed to clearly understand Matt's points.

There is still a small but faithful group who continue to listen to the teaching and seem to clearly understand the lessons. This week the recording is about the births of John the Baptist and of Jesus.

Matt wrote, "Quite a few people have recently said, 'We used to think that salvation came from following the Law and going to church. Now we hear that no one is able to keep the Law. How then can we be saved?'"

The people's questions have opened more opportunities to talk about God's Word and reinforce the lessons.

Matt is also teaching a group of six men who are further along in the study. Last week they heard the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. They can clearly articulate why Jesus died and how men are saved but have not responded with belief.

Matt wrote, "The six guys have said several times, 'We used to say we should not say we are saved because that is being proud like the Pharisee that God rejected because he was proud, but now we know what the Bible says.'
"So they have placed the Bible as more important than tradition, at least in mental agreement. When we finish, Lord willing I will spend time with each one to see where their faith is."

Pray that Matt will be able to teach evangelistic lessons clearly and effectively to the Lolos. Pray especially for the six men who have heard the Gospel message but have not as yet trusted Christ.

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