Realizing the Law doesn't save

POSTED ON 2008-12-03
  by David Bell

In the past week four Lolo men in Mozambique have given clear testimonies of placing their faith in Christ.

One of the men, Vasco, used to believe that a person had to keep the Law to be saved. "Now I know that the Law shows a person where he is at just like a mirror," he said. "We are saved by trusting in Christ. He died for our sins."

The story of the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus made an impact on Vasco. He told missionary Matt Zook, "When I understood that an evil man was able to enter God's kingdom by trusting in Christ, I really understood that trusting in Christ is what saves us, not anything we do."

Another man, Namatiba, who belonged to a "church group" years ago but now played an important role in ancestor spirit sacrifices, said, "In the time I went to church, I never heard the verses that we studied. But I understand it now. Christ died for our sins and I am trusting in Him."

A third man, Agostino, used to believe "To be saved you do not steal; commit adultery, etc. To be saved you do good works. Your good works are like your personal ID. When you walk around the city, you have to have your personal ID on you so when the police stop you and ask you for your ID you can show it to them. Our good works are our ID that lets us into Heaven."

Through studying God's Word he now understands that salvation is through Christ by faith. He was hesitant at times to agree with what was being taught about salvation but then said, "Nope, we cannot argue with anything that is said because it is coming from the Bible."

A fourth person, Marcelino, is one of two young boys who have been working with Matt to produce Bible lessons. Marcelino told Matt last Saturday that he had left trying to keep the Law and is now trusting in Christ.

Please pray for the faith of these new believers to be strong and that the reality of Christ living in them will cause them to examine their lifestyles.

Pray too that God will direct Matt and give him wisdom as he writes Bible lessons for the new believers.

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