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POSTED ON 2008-12-17
  by Dena McMaster

Some of the Lolo people of Mozambique who are listening to evangelistic Bible lessons on MP3 players heard the Gospel message last week and several more will finish the series this week.

Since Lolos do not normally congregate to exchange information, the missionaries gave the first series of recorded lessons to several groups in July and many have faithfully listened, some two or three times to the entire Bible lesson series.

Now that several have completed the series, the missionaries intend to spend the next month talking with those who have finished all the lessons to see what they understand. They also teach a group of believers weekly.

Vileda, a Lolo man who faithfully listened to all of the lessons, said recently, "God really has mercy on us. Adam and Eve were sinners but God did not just leave them. He sent Christ to die for our sins. If God had not sent Christ, no one would be able to get saved." The missionaries carefully questioned him and Vileda seemed to show a clear understanding of the Gospel.

Pray that the Lolos who have heard the Gospel will understand clearly what Christ has done for them. Pray also for the missionaries as they teach and disciple the Lolo people.

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