God providing for missionaries' ministry

POSTED ON 2009-02-24
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Alfred and Belinda Paetzold and their three children plan to return to Mozambique following their home assignment in South Africa.

They are looking forward to joining Anthony and Jennie Chee in a church planting ministry among the Yao people. Alfred and Belinda will begin learning the Yao culture and language and building their home in the village. They will also experience life in a remote village for the first time and are trusting the Lord to meet all these new challenges.

Their time in South Africa was very busy but they accomplished most of the necessary tasks.

"The Lord has shown His faithfulness and care in many ways during these last weeks," wrote Belinda, "from places to stay all over South Africa -- we have slept in 18 beds up to date -- to traveling costs, a 12V fridge, welding machine, tools, an off road trailer, water pipes and taps and a whole toolbox full of school supplies for the boys. On the one hand we are stunned but then, we serve a mighty God and He has proved over and over that He is trustworthy."

"If I sit still long enough and have time to think I do wonder how it will be to really live in the bush. It wasn't too bad the first six days we were there, but to camp out in a house in the long run is not much fun. Alfred is planning to put in running water, and that's not me running to fetch the water, but pipes and taps and that will already make things much better.

"My main tasks will be the school and the house and the food of course, getting to know the people and also to help Alfred where I can -- I think I can still remember how to mix cement. … Maybe the boys and I should add a practical subject to our school this year -- Building 101?"

The Paetzold's ask for prayer to meet these challenges and that God will help them build relationships with the Yaos.

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