Missionaries move to Yao tribe

POSTED ON 2009-03-13
  by Jackie Fallis

House construction is complete for missionaries Anthony and Jennie Chee, which means they can move in among the Yao people of Mozambique and begin learning culture and language.

The rainy season will end soon, so many different types of fruit and vegetables need to be harvested. "The villagers are also anxious to be able to harvest their corn soon," wrote Anthony. "At this time, most of them are in their fields from morning till late evening to chase away the wild animals that would otherwise eat their corn."

Once the corn is harvested, the villagers should spend more time in the village, making it easier for the Chees and their co-workers, the Paetzolds, to learn culture and language.

Please pray for both families as they learn and prepare to teach God's Word to the Yao people.

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