Village visit prepares missionaries

POSTED ON 2010-01-07
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Kent and Jenny Schafer recently spent ten days in a Mwinka village in Mozambique observing the team of church-planting missionaries living there.

"It was so good to be able to observe what they’re doing and ask them tons of questions," wrote Jenny. "We had a really good and profitable time and came back with a lot of things on our minds and a lot of things to be praying about."

Rubenita Santos, a Brazilian missionary, accompanied them to the village and as they met with NTM-Mozambique leadership, the three are considering moving into a Maindo village to begin a church-planting ministry.

There are at least 50,000 Maindo people living in a remote area of Mozambique. There is no Scripture in their language and no church-planting efforts among this people group.

During their ten days in the village they were able to attend a baby naming ceremony, a girl’s initiation and a traditional healing ceremony.

"In our meetings we discussed various things," wrote Jenny. "We talked about our strengths and weaknesses, how we would function on a team, what roles we could fill on a team, goals for a church planting team, how we would go about achieving those goals, how we would go about moving into a village.

"When we weren’t in meetings or attending community events, we were asking a lot of questions about practical things: cooking and supply buying, solar electric systems, plumbing and hot water heaters, gardening and house building."

Pray for Kent and Jenny and Rubenita as they seek God’s will in serving among the Maindo people. Pray also that the Maindos will someday hear the Gospel message and place their faith in Christ.

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