Alberto offers himself

POSTED ON 2011-06-15
  by Ian Fallis

“Excuse me God, it is me here, Your Son who You made holy by the blood of Your Son Jesus Christ,” Alberto prayed.

The Lolo man had just helped write Bible lessons on Romans 12:1-2 for the Lolo believers. Only a few Lolos have believed on Christ and are following him. Another eight men are finishing up evangelistic Bible lessons. Pray that more Lolos believe and follow Christ.

Here’s the rest of Alberto’s prayer:

“We know that in the days past people offered animals to You. Now we … do not take animals and bring them before You. Now we offer ourselves and come before You to be able to do Your work.

“Today Lord I offer myself to You so that through your power, through Your Holy Spirit, I might be able to do the work that You want me to do on earth. Whatever thing that You want done, may You do it through me.

“I place myself in Your hands to do Your work because You did not place us on earth to be flowers that wave back and forth. You placed us on earth to do Your work among others who have not yet believed in Jesus. Help us to be a holy sacrifice. In our own power, we are unable to live holy. … Please make us holy so that that Your name might be esteemed and honored on earth.

“My Lord, all these things I ask that they might happen according to Your desire through Your Son Jesus. Amen.”

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