Missionaries welcomed to village

POSTED ON 2010-05-10
  by Jackie Fallis

Meeting and greeting the people in the Glaro village missionaries Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach will be moving into, in Liberia, was just a little more complicated than it sounds.

It started with a hike. "We knew this would be a pretty long hike, and after more than eight hours of walking plus two hours of resting in between … we finally arrived at our destination," wrote Amy. "Well, not totally at our destination."

They were at the river right across from the village. Unfortunately, the canoe needed for crossing was on the other side of the river and the pouring rain made it impossible for villagers to hear the Speitelsbachs or their guide as they called out.

"After a few minutes of convincing our guide that Aaron was a good enough swimmer to make it to the other side, that problem was solved with Aaron jumping into the river (already soaking wet anyway) and bringing back the canoe to take us all across."

With that adventure out of the way, the next day the Speitelsbachs met with some of the village leaders to thank them for allowing the missionaries to move into the village and work out the logistics. A mud house with a thatched roof was available to use until they’re able to start building their own, once rainy season is over.

The Glaro villagers also volunteered to help get the Speitelsbachs’ baggage into the village, since it’s not possible to get things in by road.

God is putting things into place for them to start ministering soon. Aaron and Amy still need to get the needed visas and stock up on food and building supplies, but they plan to begin their ministry in June. Please pray that things will continue to go smoothly as they prepare to serve in Liberia.

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