Bigger baptism bash

POSTED ON 2011-01-07
  by Christina Conrad

A festive group of believers, with their drumming and singing stretching out into the air, hiked together toward the lake where the first baptism service for the Komono people of Ivory Coast was to be held.

One Komono woman, Fatou*, wasn’t intending to be baptized. Initially, just her husband, Ali*, and his oldest son were the only ones that expressed an interest. However, "the evening before, they … found out that Ali’s wife, Fatou, and the other three sons also wanted to be baptized," missionaries Jan and Doortje Groenveld wrote.

During the service, Ali and missionaries read from passages from the Bible. "The ones going to be baptized gave a bold testimony," wrote Jan and Doortje. Each Komono shared why they wanted to be baptized and an aspect of their faith that was meaningful to them.

"When I didn’t believe in Jesus, I lived in darkness," Fatou said. "Now I know that He died for my sins at the cross and He lives in my heart. That’s why I want to be baptized."

Please pray for the continued spiritual growth of Ali and Fatou’s family. Pray also that they will continue to inspire and teach other Komonos who have not yet declared their belief in Jesus.

* Names have been changed for the safety of the believers.

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