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POSTED ON 2011-11-07
  by Ian Fallis

The Bulongish people of Guinea have reached a key point in the Firm Foundations Bible lessons they are hearing.

Last week, “we continued … with the last plague in Egypt,” wrote Gene Bacon. The teaching moved through the Passover and into the Exodus, and continued on to the Ten Commandments. The presentation of the Ten Commandments is a key point when people begin to see two things: First, that all men are lawbreakers, and second, that they can do nothing to satisfy a perfect, just and holy God.

Partially because this is such a crucial time, the missionary team to the Bulongish people was grateful for a visitor. “A believer from another part of the country, from a different language group, … came … as an encouragement to those that were attending the teaching,” Gene wrote.

“His words of encouragement were well received and carried a special significance as he had listened and understood God’s Word many years ago when it was presented in his language and came to have a personal relationship with the Savior.”

The missionaries are handing out written copies of the lessons as well as recordings. “We have more people asking for the recorded lessons than we have players. We are encouraging people to share and the small speakers on them allow for more than one person at a time to listen to them,” Gene wrote.

Many Bulongish people are gathering under the teaching shelter to hear God’s Word.

Pray that upcoming lessons on the Law do in the hearts of the Bulongish people exactly what the Law was intended to do: demonstrate the sinfulness of man and our need for a Savior.

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