Landumas open to God's Word

POSTED ON 2008-11-18
  by Dena McMaster

Many Landuma people in Guinea are showing an increased interest in spiritual things and Landuma Bible teachers and missionaries are taking every opportunity to witness to the truth of God's Word.

Believers Abdulay and Masalu are growing in their faith and are a great encouragement to missionary Kirk Rogers. They are teaching their families and neighbors God's Word and some have trusted in Christ. Abraham, a new believer, is learning and growing.

Kirk is visiting with people in various villages and finds that many understand God's Word and others are open to talking about spiritual truths.

Missionaries Jim and Carol Sheffield are thankful for opportunities to teach evangelistic Bible lessons. Jim is teaching Kanfori, an elderly man, and also some women in the village. Carol has a friend in another village, Ayisatu, who has expressed interest in hearing evangelistic lessons.
In the midst of the rising spiritual awareness Landuma believers and missionaries are working together to translate the Scriptures and to teach those who are interested.

Recently Masalu accompanied Kirk to a workshop in Senegal concerning translating the epistles into the Landuma language. They are hoping to apply the principles learned to the translation of the book of Romans.

Pray that the Landuma people will hear the teaching of God's Word and will receive Christ as their Savior. Pray also that Landuma Bible teachers and translation co-workers will continue to be faithful to take every opportunity to tell others.

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