Conferencing to make things clear

POSTED ON 2008-12-09
  by Dena McMaster

Missionary Kirk Rogers and his Landuma co-worker, Masalu, have returned to Guinea to continue to translate God's Word into the Landuma language.

Kirk and Masalu traveled to Dakar, Senegal to attend a workshop on translating the book of Romans. They were able to make significant progress on the first two chapters while at the workshop.

Missionaries experienced in translation principles taught those attending the workshop through lectures and discussions to more clearly understand Scripture translation. They also allowed time to put those principles into practice.

"One thing emphasized in the workshop was that we must translate not just the words," wrote Kirk, "as important as those are, but the overall meaning of each section, paragraph, and sentence of the Bible text."

Since Landuma language patterns are not the same as the original Greek, Kirk and Masalu made adjustments to make the meaning clear and understandable to Landuma readers.

Scripture translation is a complicated process that that only God can accomplish through His servants.

"Not only that," Kirk wrote, "but it is so humbling to work in this miraculous realm, attempting to do what seems impossible, communicating the great truths of God's Word to the Landuma mind."

Pray for Kirk and Masalu as they work together to bring God's Word to the Landuma people. Pray, also, that it will be a clear, accurate and understandable translation.

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