Baptism despite threats of persecution

POSTED ON 2009-03-02
  by Dena McMaster

In February six Tanda believers were baptized in Guinea.
Sanasi, Philomen, Aliya, Francoise, Pascal and Dauda stepped forward to declare their faith in Christ and become a testimony to the other believers.

Pastor Toure, pastor of a local church in Guinea, came to help with the baptism, lending the church's support and approval to those who were baptized.

There were threats of persecution of any who followed Christ, but thus far there has been no overt harassment.

Please pray for these six young men as family disapproval and rejection can be very painful in a society where individual action is frowned upon.

The believers are building a meeting place and are putting the roof on this week. Brian Watson is coming from Northern Ireland to wire the building for electricity. Pray for safety for Brian and the believers who will be finishing the building project as well as safety from the brush fires so prevalent at this time of year. Praise God for His provision of funds to build the meeting place.

Pray for continued unity among the Tanda believers and for protection from those who desire to hinder the growth of the church.

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