Praising the great I AM everywhere

POSTED ON 2009-05-14
  by Dena McMaster

God is building His church among the Tanda people of Guinea and the people are working on a building to meet in.

Last week they poured the floors of their new building and on Sunday they were ready to meet there to praise God for His goodness.

Yeera, a Tanda believer, led the worship service. Even before the building was finished, he had been going early in the morning to praise and worship God. He told missionary Ron Yearwood, "My new son Brian has been keeping me awake at nights, so since I cannot sleep I decided to go to church and worship Jesus with new songs."

Currently four Tanda praise songs are available for singing at the worship services. This is the chorus to one of the songs. "Hallelujah, hallelujah the great I AM is here. Hallelujah the great I AM is there. Hallelujah the great I AM is everywhere. Jesus is like the bright light of the sun showing me the way."

Pray for the Tanda believers as they worship the Lord in the meeting place they built to honor Him.

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