Missionaries return, nurture relationships

POSTED ON 2009-07-24
  by Dena McMaster

When missionaries Dan and Ginny Bryant returned to their ministry in Guinea, it was a time of adjustment for each family member.

"But we are thankful to be feeling more at home here and are seeing the light at the end of the ’moving back in’ tunnel," Ginny wrote.

Dan and Ginny are studying the culture and language of the Landuma people and recently they and their four children visited a village where Dan had stayed for three months earlier this year. Since it was Friday, the "day of rest" for the dominant religion in Guinea, most of the villagers were home.

The villagers were delighted to see Dan again and to meet the family they had only seen in photos. The family, as special, honored guests, was served a meal in a room by themselves. Dan and Ginny enjoyed their time in the village.
"We hope to continue going back to this village and building relationships with the people there," wrote Ginny.

Pray for Dan and Ginny as they continue to study culture and language and build relationship with the people. Pray also for their ministry among the Landumas.

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