Overcoming years of tradition

POSTED ON 2009-09-01
  by David Bell

Kadi, an elderly Landuma woman in Guinea who has been listening to the evangelistic Bible lessons for several months, recently acknowledged her belief in Christ as her Lord and Savior.

As Kadi listened to missionary Kirk Rogers teach Old Testament lessons she repeatedly affirmed that he was teaching truth, even though some of the concepts were contrary to all she had known and believed all her life.

As Kirk taught from the New Testament, Kadi heard about the encounter of Jesus with Nicodemus. She heard how Jesus told Nicodemus about a new birth being necessary to enter the kingdom of God.

Many old Landumas believe they can’t "change religions" and believe in Jesus. They have been working all their lives to earn merit for salvation by their prayers, fasting, almsgiving and other works.

"They assume that, should they leave their religion, they would immediately lose all that merit, and have to begin again earning merit in their new religion," Kirk wrote.

"What if they should die before they have accumulated enough ’Christian merit’ to earn God’s favor? You see, it is quite logical to reject the new, ’foreigner’s religion,’ and stick with the old ways which at least offer some slim hope."

But Kadi had been prepared by the Word of God to understand the folly of such thinking.

When Kirk got to the part of the Nicodemus story that referred to Moses lifting up a bronze snake in the desert he reviewed the Old Testament story that Kadi had heard months before.

As they reviewed Kirk sensed that Kadi was ready to understand the Gospel. Kirk went on to explain how Jesus died for our sins, and that anyone who believes will be born anew into God’s family, and be assured of an eternity with God in Heaven.

Kadi told Kirk that she understands and believes that Jesus is the Savior, that apart from faith in Him a person cannot be saved.

"There was no moment when it appeared the lights went on," Kirk wrote, "but according to her verbal testimony, she has believed."

Please pray that Kadi’s understanding of her relationship with Christ will grow.

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