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POSTED ON 2009-12-18
  by Dena McMaster

Landuma believers Masalu and Abdulay and missionary Kirk Rogers visited an NTM employee as he lay in the hospital in Guinea.

Ousman has been a friend and loyal employee for many years and is a member of the local religious group. He has not heard much of the foundational Bible teaching but now that he is weak and in pain he desires to hear what the Landuma believers have to share.

"We preached the Word to him as much as we were able in the time we had," wrote missionary Kirk Rogers, "and he seemed to be tracking with the message, making comments and answering questions in a way which was encouraging to us."

"He seemed to understand his position as a sinner, hopelessly separated from a holy God, and his need of a Saviour who would pay his sin debt and reconcile him to his Creator. We prayed with Ousman, asking God to open his understanding and help him to believe the truth of the Gospel."

Kirk, other missionaries and Guinean believers continue to visit Ousman as they are able, sharing the Word and praying with him as God gives opportunity.Pray that Ousman will clearly understand the Gospel message and will accept Christ as his Saviour.

Pray also for Masatang, Masalu’s mother, she is one of the oldest people in the village and had been having severe shoulder pain and loss of mobility. Kirk’s wife, Yolanda, showed her some simple exercises that she had found effective for her own arm pain.

They worked wonderfully for Masatang. Now when she comes to visit, she loves to show off her full and pain-free mobility. However, Masatang still clings to the religious beliefs of the local religion. Pray that she will desire to hear the Gospel message that her son Masalu has embraced.

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