Nalu women encouraged

POSTED ON 2010-02-12
  by Dena McMaster

Next week missionary Marion Jensen will meet with several Nalu women in Guinea for an evening of Bible study. On Monday she will meet with the grandmothers in the village. Tuesday evening will be for the moms.

While Marion is not fluent enough in the language to teach evangelistic Bible lessons she will encourage the women to read the Scriptures for themselves and remind them that cassette tapes of the lessons are available. Lorna Willard and two of her children will do a puppet show and help host the events.

Marion plans to teach the ladies a few English phrases. The Nalus think it is great fun to learn English and laugh at the difficult-to-pronounce consonant clusters.

"Pray that the ladies will take the Bible lesson cassette tapes and listen," wrote Marion, "and that through listening to God’s Word, they will understand God’s plan of salvation."

Thursday afternoons Marion and her husband, Hans, and Lorna and her husband, Benton, hold a Bible Club for girls.

"They were excited and happy to be there," wrote Marion. "Our prayer is that the truths that were taught these past few months will continue to resonate in their hearts in the days ahead and that they would desire to know Jesus."

Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the Nalu people to accept the Gospel message as the missionaries present the Scriptures.

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