'We who have believed are happy'

POSTED ON 2010-03-05
  by Masalu

The following is a testimony of how God has worked in the heart of Masalu, a Landuma believer in Guinea.

We who have heard the Word of God and believed are happy. Those who haven’t heard the Word of God and are in other religions, they believe their religions. And they want to follow their religions.

That is why we must persist in teaching them the Word of God, tactfully, gently, little by little, till they hear and believe. If they believe, their happiness will be much greater than they ever had before in their former religion. Why? Because as an unbeliever he didn’t know God, he didn’t know how he could be saved. He suffered because of the uncertainty of where he would go when he dies. He didn’t know if God would forgive him or not.

But when you hear the Word of God and believe it, and you understand that God says that you will for sure be saved when you die, the happiness of that is greater than your former happiness in your former religion.

I know about this. They boast in their religion. But they are also in doubt. If you ask them, "Will you go to Heaven?" they say, "Well, God is the one who knows that." That is one of their problems.

Many of us Landumas fear sorcery will be done against us. But if someone believes the Word of God, he won’t fear sorcery any more. People say we must try to get protection from sorcery, such as amulets. I used to fear sorcery, and I used to try to get these things to protect me. But today, it doesn’t bother me any more. What I believe now is they can’t even place curses on me. Why? Because God is with me.

When a person becomes a believer, and the people of his household are believers, that household will change. Take me as an example. My wife and I used to hit each other. We used to insult each other. We would do that a lot. But I praise God. Why? Now, though we still have arguments, I don’t hit her any more, or insult her. People have remarked at how our household has changed in that way.

Whoever is willing to let us preach to them, we preach to them. But if they aren’t willing, we don’t hit them. We don’t insult them. We don’t do anything like that. We pray for them, that God would give them a desire to hear, because if they hear, they will receive benefit from the message.

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