Funeral an opportunity for hope

POSTED ON 2010-04-05
  by David Bell

At a recent Landuma funeral in Guinea, missionary Kirk Rogers shared a message of hope.

Relatives and friends had gathered to mourn the death of Kadi, who died after suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

For the past two years, Kadi’s insulin was kept in Kirk and Yolanda Rogers’ fridge, and administered by one of her sons on a daily basis. Not having access to a proper diet and medical attention, Kadi’s condition worsened to the point where she was bedridden for the past two months.

For the past year the missionaries were teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to Kadi and she appeared to understand what she heard and said she believed it. She knew that she would go to Heaven if she believed God’s message.

As Kirk shared this hope with her family and friends, the Landumas politely smiled and showed outward agreement.

"But when it comes down to it, they really are afraid of God’s Word," Kirk wrote. "They know that if they were to show interest and follow the message we have brought, it would result in terrible upheaval in their personal lives. There is just too much opposition.

"Pray that God would show us ways to make the need to listen to God’s message real to these people."

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