Villages listen to recorded Bible lessons

POSTED ON 2010-05-04
  by David Bell

The Landuma people in one village of Guinea have been hearing about Creation and the fall of Adam from audio players they received from missionaries last year.

When Kirk Rogers recently visited the village, it was evident to him that they had been listening to the Bible lessons and he was able to further emphasize the main points of what they had heard. Kirk had a lively discussion with some of the people and they said they would continue to listen to the lessons so they could understand them better.

So far the people have only heard lessons from the first three chapters of Genesis, but the lesson development team has now finished recording the remainder of the Old Testament lessons, 47 in all. Landuma Bible teacher Masalu has worked tirelessly to record more than 21 hours of teaching.

The 23 New Testament lessons, which culminate with a clear Gospel presentation, have been recorded and await final editing before they are also loaded onto players.

Kirk believes that the Ambassador audio players have the potential to be a helpful tool in the work of evangelizing and planting churches among the Landuma people.

The missionaries have received frequent requests for the players but the demand far exceeds the number of players available. They plan to soon purchase more players to provide more Landumas with the access to the Bible teaching.

Please pray that God’s Word will soon be reaching a larger number of Landumas and bringing forth fruit.

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