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POSTED ON 2012-07-03
  by Dena McMaster

Dan Bryant has completed his formal study of the Landuma language

Missionary Dan Bryant is thankful for an end to formal language study. His evaluation showed that he is proficient in the language of the Landuma people and has now begun the lifelong process of becoming fluent.

Dan and his wife Ginny hope to use their language proficiency to plug and help with other ministries.  “Which is exactly what I had wanted to do,” Dan wrote. “So when we return to Guinea from our home assignment, I will, Lord willing, get involved in a combination of translation checking, discipleship and teaching. Ginny has become very capable in the language as well, though she has had less study time. We praise God that He’s enabling us to learn Landuma.”

Meanwhile their co-worker, Kirk Rogers, is nearly finished teaching Firm Foundation Bible lessons to a group of young Landuma men.  Up to 20 young men attend. Kirk teaches three lessons a week and has been teaching for six months.

One of those listening to the teaching is a believer and two others respond well to the questions Kirk asks. There is only one lesson left—the teaching on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. But one of the mothers has said that she does not want her two boys to attend anymore. Dan and Ginny feel that she is fearful that her boys will trust Christ. If they did they face the persecution that comes when someone chooses Christ.

“Pray that they would embrace the truths they have been hearing and trust Jesus for salvation.  Pray too for wisdom for them in knowing how to talk about their faith, here where their families oppose the truth,” wrote Dan.

Two of the Landuma teens who have trusted Christ will be baptized this week along with Dan and Ginny’s two boys, Corbin who is 11, and Elijah, 12. The adult believers have advised them on how to respond to questions from their friends who  are part of the dominant religion.

Pray that the teens will grow in their knowledge of God and will be an effective witness to the villagers who fear the consequences of trusting Christ. Pray for Dan and Ginny as they decide where they should begin teaching Firm Foundation lessons when they return from home assignment.

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