The email that rocked her world

POSTED ON 2012-06-04
  by Cathy Drobnick

Missionary Nikki Buckner shares insights on trusting God for her family.

Nikki Buckner is learning to trust God as He stretches her faith. At yet another level. 

Nikki says God has been reminding her recently that He is not limited in His ability to take care their family—even when they live at great distance from any medical professional.

“When we arrived in Papua New Guinea back in 2005, my faith was stretched to even go to a country where there was very limited medical care,” Nikki shares. “With time, I adjusted and it didn’t seem so stretching anymore. When we first moved into the village, my faith was stretched again as we had to learn to be our own doctors in the village.”

Nikki says they must keep many common prescriptions on hand because things like malaria, bacterial infections of all kinds, and fungal infections are lurking. “By God’s grace, I have learned how to diagnose and treat many of the sicknesses that are common to our area.” But in those days, Nikki says it was a comfort to know that if things got out of hand at some point, a health centre was only a 45-minute drive away.

“I was an inexperienced tightrope walker who the Lord asked to, by faith, walk out with Him on the tightrope. And the clinic was my safety net.”

Several months ago, that changed. Nikki says she received an email notifying them that the medical centre would be closed for at least six months. That means the nearest medical professional is three or more flight hours away. To complicate that, medical evacuations are subject to changeable weather. This means that “we need to make sure all emergencies happen on days where there is not a lot of cloud cover and during the daylight hours so the airplane doesn’t have any trouble getting in.”

“That email rocked my world,” Nikki shares. 

Her husband, Ben, helped her a lot with perspective. He helped her see that having a close-by medical professional “had become something I had unknowingly put my faith in. I had, without realising it, been trusting in the safety net and it wasn’t until God shook things up a bit by removing that safety net that I saw my faith had been misplaced. The Lord wanted me to live in the reality that our lives are—and always have been—in His more than capable Hands.

Nikki adds, “He is God and He is most honoured when we live as though He is God—in all areas of our lives.”

Pray for God’s blessings and protection and peace for Ben and Nikki Buckner and their family as they serve minister for Christ in a remote area, living in the reality of trusting Him entirely for everything they need.

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