An unsung hero

POSTED ON 2012-06-01
  by Dena McMaster

When Linda Krieg's computer died, work on translation stopped.

As missionary Linda Krieg and her Siawi co-worker Okweb were working on the Siawi Bible translation, her primary computer died. This was a huge problem and the work stopped.

So Linda got her backup computer fired up and ready to use. However, she really needed her primary computer.

But an unseen hero, Norbert Huebner, stepped up to say he would not only fix the computer but would re-install her programmes and reload all her files. Norbert went above and beyond expectations and even installed all of the updates needed for the programmes.

Norbert serves as part of NTM's IT team at Goroka.

“I am praising God,” Linda wrote, for Norbert’s heart to help finish the translation of the Siawi New Testament. He is saving me hours of work. Not only that, but from in the bush, I wouldn’t be able to fully install everything or do any of the updates.”

Okweb and Linda finished Matthew 18 and managed to prepare chapters 12-14 for a comprehension check.

The consultant, Miriam Tertel, is coming soon and Linda needs the help of two Siawi men, Bayek and Yakou, to help check the Scriptures with Miriam and Linda. Neither man is available.

Pray that Bayek will return to his home village.

Miriam will make a two-hour trip by dugout canoe and then hike 45 minutes to get to the Siawi village and help Linda check the last half of the book of John.

Pray for the completion of the Siawi New Testament and that God continues to overcome the technical and personnel problems that Satan uses to hinder the work.

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