The story made her sick

POSTED ON 2012-05-30
  by Cathy Drobnick

Old Testament stories get intense response from those hearing them for the first time.

Some Bible stories being currently translated are brand new and riveting to Higaunon believers.

The translation of the Higaunon Old Testament is an ongoing project for missionary Lance Ostman. And recently while working on 1 Samuel, Lance’s wife, Laura, says that he had his translation co-worker “on the edge of her seat as they were checking the story of Saul’s rash oath in 1 Samuel 14.”

Laura adds, “She was relieved when they went over the part where Saul’s men intervened for Jonathan.  She said she was actually sick to her stomach until they got to verse 45. Would that each of us would have such intense interest in God’s Word!”

Lance works full time helping Ron Jennings, his co-worker on Bible translation. He is able to save Ron a lot of time that he would otherwise spend in the initial work of the translation process.  It is truly a team effort.

Lance and Laura Ostman returned to their former Higaunon village home several months ago to continue Bible translation. Lance began this Higaunon translation work several years ago, contributing his part to the translation process on Genesis, Exodus, Ruth, Psalms and Proverbs.

This stay in the village, the Ostmans have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with co-workers, Ron and Michelle Jennings, and with Higaunon believers as well. Lance has gotten a good start into 1 Samuel and plans to continue to serve itinerantly working on the Higaunon Old Testament once they have returned to the USA.

Pray for the ongoing Bible translation project of the Higaunon Old Testament. Pray for God’s blessing, protection, and encouragement for Lance Ostman and his co-workers on this Bible translation project. Pray for Higaunon believers and for God’s faithful work in their lives, growing them to maturity through the power of His Word. And pray that those Higaunon people who are still without Christ and without hope will be drawn by the power of God’s Word to embrace the Good News about Jesus.

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