God opens the path for Vicente

POSTED ON 2012-05-10
  by Cathy Drobnick

More work on the Guarijio Bible translation is in line for this young man who is so intent on finding and following God's will.

Vicente is a young man focused in on eternal values. We introduced you to him last month and asked you to pray for God’s Hand on his life as he finished Bible school and continued to seek what God had for him next.

Missionary Terry Reed writes an update on Vicente. “As a team, we are especially excited about the plan that God seems to be laying out before us. We have offered Vicente an associate missionary status.  Essentially Vicente would be recognized as a short-term missionary with New Tribes Mission of Mexico … whereby he can be supported as a missionary.”

Terry says that they are looking a two-year term for Vicente to start out. He would be a co-worker in Guarijio Bible translation. Vicente, a Guarijio native speaker has already done a tremendous job translating the book of Jonah into a Guarijio version that is “clear, accurate and natural,” writes Terry. 

“Our idea is to have him begin with Matthew, Luke and John (Mark is the only Gospel we have translated completely). From there, he would probably go on to the book of the Revelation. It is exciting to think how much his help would propel the work of translation forward,” Terry continues.

With Vicente returning to help in this work, Terry feels it is quite possible that the rest of his family will return, as well, to help in the work of reaching out to more Guarijio people. “We don't know what God's whole plan is for this place, but we are seeing potential for God to raise up workers to continue on in their ministry. ... Slowly God's work among the Guarijio is picking up steam.”

During a recent translation check, Terry was encouraged by Vicente's own testimony about the value of the Guarijio translation in his own life. Vicente shared, “Even though I have several Spanish translations of the Bible, and I have done two years of Bible School in Spanish, whenever I struggle to understand something, I can pick up the Guarijio Scriptures, and when I read them, I know exactly what it means.”

For Terry as a translator, this was a confirmation in his own heart that the Guarijio translation work is well worth all the effort. Terry concludes, “God is raising up His church .... To God be the glory!”

Pray for Vicente as he officially joins Terry Reed and the Guarijio Bible translation team. Pray for God’s assistance in this essential work. Pray that God will provide his support as a missionary, encourage him mightily and lead him in the path He has planned.

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