The Gospel that leads to joy and transformation

POSTED ON 2012-05-04
  by Cathy Drobnick

Patpatar believers are filled with joy at the changes that Firm Foundation Bible lessons from God's Word are making in their lives.

“This teaching through God’s Talk has led me to praise.  It has led me to God’s Son ... I am not a righteous man.  But if we know this and believe in Him, God will make us new.  That is enough and I will finish my talk like that.” 

These words were the reaction of the Patpatar man that Aaron Luse calls “Grandpa” and were his first verbal expression of faith since the beginning of the Firm Foundations Bible teaching. 

After he finished speaking, Aaron says, “The smile on his face remained.”

For months Grandpa had sat quietly in the background during the teaching.  At the end, Aaron says, “He summarized all the lessons in less than a minute.”

Another older man expressed his new-found joy in Christ like this: “When you wake up in the morning, you can look out on the ocean and see dolphins jumping in the water.  That is like the joy that I have.  I have joy jumping up and down because of the teaching from God’s Word.”

Aaron and Lori Luse are rejoicing to see many joy-filled evidences of God’s work in the Patpatar people in drawing them to Christ through the teaching of His Word.  They share, “Please continue to pray because some have heard, but have not yet placed their trust in Christ.  Also, pray for those who have become Christians, but their spouses and children have not yet heard and understood the truth.”

One impact of the Gospel, God’s Good News, is that distress and fear are replaced with peace and joy.  Aaron shares further, “Many of those who got saved have formerly practiced a mix of traditional beliefs and religious beliefs.  Now they are wanting to go and tell people about the lies and deception of sorcery, magic and spirits.  Others who have formerly led religious meetings are now apologizing for misguiding and misinterpreting God’s Word.”

God’s Word accomplishes what He sends it forth to do.  Praise God for the joy and transformation that is evidenced daily in new Patpatar believers.  Remember to pray for them to grow in Christ and in obedience to Him.  Pray also for those whom God’s Spirit is urging to share with others the wonders of what God has done in their lives.  Pray that God will use their testimonies to bring many others to trust Christ as Saviour.

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