God's Word making big changes

POSTED ON 2012-04-23
  by Cathy Drobnick

Siar believers are impacted and transformed by the teaching of Romans.

So just what does it look like for God’s Word to be effectively at work in a culture? Chris and Erin Lujan say that the power of the Gospel looks like changed lives. “God is truly at work in each of our lives and He is doing amazing things in the lives of your brothers and sisters in Christ here in Siar,” Erin writes.

Three times a week, the Siar believers meet to study the book of Romans.  As a result, Chris and Erin have heard story after story of what God is doing in their lives.  Here are just a few examples:

Only a few months ago, Nelson was making fun of his wife, Paska, for her attendance at Bible teaching sessions. Then one day, while reading a translation of Romans 1-3, Nelson realised his desperate need for Christ and salvation. Since he has come to Christ, Erin says Nelson “has written some pretty amazing songs solely based on the truth of God’s Word” as well as being a faithful attender of teaching times.  He is open to sharing Christ’s work in his life and desires to learn and grow.  Erin shares that Nelson also has expressed a heart for taking the good news of Christ to another language group.

Then there’s Sali and Mata, who have pretty much always had a rough marriage. Sali has a quick temper and spousal abuse is tragically common in the Siar culture. But in recently studying Romans 6-7, Sali has come to realise that as much as he needs to change, he cannot change his life in his own strength. And on Easter Sunday, Sali was able to publicly admit to the church that he desperately needs the work of God’s Spirit. Erin notes that only God’s Work through His Word could make such a radical change in someone’s life.

Or consider the older married couple, Tande and Kelestin, who have struggled with being consumed by pride. Their exalted view of themselves has made them constantly critical of others. They were said to gossip “about anything and everything.” But because of the cutting edge of God’s Word in their lives, Tande and Kelestin have seen their sin and come to Christ. Erin says, “All they want to talk about now is the Gospel and what Christ has done for them. The change in their lives has been obvious.”

God’s quick and powerful Word at work in lives should make a dramatic difference. Praise God that it is doing just that in visible ways in the Siar church. Pray for Siar believers to continue faithfully in reading and studying His Word and for God’s Spirit to enable them to walk on in obedience. 

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