'Jesus speaks our language'

POSTED ON 2012-04-16
  by Cathy Drobnick

Doug Schermerhorn shares that the recording of the Embera language version of the Jesus Film began on Feb. 20 and he is praising God that the project proceeded as scheduled and finished on time. 

Embera voice actors who recorded their individual lines without hearing the other voices had a hard time envisioning what the final result would be.  But after the recorded voices were mixed together, the four-member Embera review committee sat entranced watching the movie. The potential impact on the Embera people was very visible.

Doug writes that the premier of the Jesus Film in the Embera language took place on March 17. There was a large crowd and the the film was received with great enthusiasm. He feels that the success of the project was best summed up by one Embera viewer who commented with joy, “Jesus speaks our language.”

The film was also shown the first week of April in another province with around five hundred Embera people viewing it.  Pray that the Jesus Film will continue to draw crowds of Embera people and that as a result, the Embera church will have opportunities to teach Firm Foundations Bible lessons and make the Gospel clear after people have heard the film  in their own language.

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