Time for the truth

POSTED ON 2012-11-15
  by Dena McMaster

The Badyaranke people will soon hear Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

Recently missionary Eric Stottlemeyer was talking with a Badyaranke friend who helped him prepare Firm Foundations Bible lessons.  His friend said it was good that the Badyaranke people were going to hear the truth because they had been deceived.

Eric said, “Have you made the choice to believe the truth?”

His friend quickly asserted that he had. Eric then asked him on what basis he thought God should let him into Heaven and his friend replied, “I have left what I used to believe and am trusting in the fact that Jesus died to pay for my sins.”

Even before the Badyaranke team begins Firm Foundations Bible teaching, God is giving a harvest.

Eric then talked with some of the elders in the village concerning the desire to begin teaching God’s Word. He told them that they had translated a portion of God’s Word into Badyaranke and the team would like to share God’s message for the Badyarankes.

“Their response was such an encouragement,” wrote Bible translator Liv Poulsen. “They are excited about hearing the truth of God’s Word in their language.”

The elders will tell the other villagers and together they will decide where to meet and how often. It should take three to four months to finish teaching and then the Badyaranke people will know and understand the Gospel message.

Liv is translating on the book of Mark and is working on a rough draft of Acts in the Badyaranke language along with the other books needed for preparing Bible lessons. Soon the Badyaranke people will have Scripture translated into their language and as Eric teaches the Firm Foundations Bible lessons they will understand the truth that God wants them to hear.

Pray for Liv as she translates God’s Word into Badyaranke. Pray for Eric and his wife Wendy as they minister among the Badyaranke people. Pray too for Eric sister, Rebecca, as she builds relationships with the people and helps prepare hearts to hear the truth.

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