Force of a Few

POSTED ON 2012-05-10
  by Masalu, Landuma Church

Those willing to be counted as believers are few. Those willing or even able to be counted as leaders are fewer still. Read Masalu's story.

The missionaries preached the Word of God to me and I believed in August 1999. I am very happy because some of my children have heard the Gospel, and I am very confident that two of them are true believers in Jesus.

We Jesus believers [in two villages] like to meet together to worship, so that we will be encouraged, since we are few. But we’re not able to do that anymore very much because our villages are not close together.

We ask our fellow believers to pray to God for us that the Word of God would spread like wildfire in Landuma land. We’re working hard at preaching and translating the Word of God. We have audio players that we are giving to people to listen to the Bible lessons. We have seen that some are listening and understanding and even believing. But many others, through whom Satan is working, won’t allow those who are listening to really believe. Those listening and wanting to believe are afraid.

But in all that, since God is great, we want our fellow believers in other countries to pray for us that the Word of God would spread in Landuma land, that God would give the people a desire to accept and believe the message.

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