Pray for the eight

POSTED ON 2012-02-01
  by Debbie Burgett

Welsin presents Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

Eight believers make up the core of the Tobo church. A larger group meets on Sundays, but this smaller group is genuinely seeking to learn, grow and reach out to others. Please pray for them diligently as the missionaries disciple them separately through the book of Ephesians.

Welsin is a gifted and charismatic teacher. He was a bit of an outcast before his salvation but has since shown godly wisdom and people have noticed the change in his life.

Jenele is Welsin’s wife. We are praying that she will grasp Truth more and more and begin to apply it.

Ambox is a quiet man but has shown discernment with the Scriptures and is able to clearly communicate with others on what they mean. He is an example of separating himself from the other religious meetings in the area.

Nailen is Ambox’s wife.  She is a soft-spoken woman with the desire to support her husband and train their three children in a godly way. She has a sensitive heart and wants to follow the Lord.

Daisa has made bold steps of faith to turn against her religious background and become an example that salvation is by faith alone. She is always speaking up about what God is teaching her and exhorting and encouraging others in the body.

Rindum is a very knowledgeable woman who is clear in her understanding of the Scriptures and is thankful to have God’s Word in her language.

Unex is a new believer who has taken a stand against the other religious practices because of his firm belief in being saved by grace through faith alone. He has shown discernment by seeing what is written in God’s Word and evaluating those around him and how they live.

Eski is Unex’s wife. She is also a new believer who has given a clear testimony about her faith in Christ. She has stood on God’s strength when her garden hasn’t grown and when she has been short on necessities, trusting God to provide.

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