God is giving Tim and Sharon Simmonds the awesome privilege of helping to equip some of His people to “Go” with the message of life and hope to language groups that have yet to hear this great news! Read Full Story
Those attending were following very well, nodding their heads, answering questions, and agreeing with Pete Hypki as he taught. Read Full Story
Recently David and Christine learned that some of David’s paperwork will need to be processed in Mexico, so that has caused them to change some of their plans. Read Full Story
So much has happened; that Julia sometimes finds it hard to process it all. She enjoys her class and finds the children’s eagerness to learn refreshing. Read Full Story
As many of you have heard there have been many very bad earthquakes in Mexico during the month of September. Pray, for all those recently affected by the earthquakes and hurricanes that have been devastating this region of the world. Read Full Story
The morning the missionaries started teaching in July, they got there thirty minutes early to set up. They opened up the windows, swept the room, laid out the new Mehikan "Bibles" on the table - most of Genesis, Exodus, and other OT book portions. They arranged the chairs and wrote Genesis 1:1 on the board, and then waited. Read Full Story
It has been a whirlwind week of preparations for the school year which started on Monday this week. Read Full Story
Tim and Sharon Simmonds are excited to see sixteen students from the training centre in Mexico graduate today.  Read Full Story
David, Christine, Abby and Sarah Baxter have been challenged recently by the verses in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 as so many of their friends, have had to put those verses into practice! Read Full Story
Classes at the Radius training centre are into the eighth week of the second (and last) term for the sixteen current students Read Full Story
Jonathan has been sharing in different training centres and has also visited tribal works. Read Full Story
Christine, Abby and Sarah have had a good start to the second term at school and David has been kept safe as he has been doing a lot of welding and working on a water tower project. Read Full Story
After listening to some of the theory, the students were excited to see the different language learning techniques actually working! Read Full Story
David, Christine, Abby and Sarah Baxter would appreciate your prayers as they travel back to Mexico and on to Chihuahua over the next couple of days Read Full Story
Tim and Sharon Simmonds and the staff at Radius are praising God for sustaining them through an extremely busy autumn term!  Read Full Story
Although David and Christine Baxter are very thankful for God's blessings all year round, they have listed some things for which they are very thankful this month... Read Full Story
David, Christine, Abby and Sarah Baxter are so thankful for your faithful prayers for them and their ministries in Mexico. Read Full Story
They enjoyed a great time of fun, fellowship and teaching with the junior and senior high students. There was much to praise the Lord for. Read Full Story
Tim and Sharon Simmonds count it a joy to work with these special people whom God has raised up to take the Gospel of Grace to the ends of the earth. Read Full Story
It is rainy season so it is nice to see things looking greener than when they left them. They had two wonderful girls looking after everything, so that was a big blessing. Abby and Sarah are glad to be home and to see all the little projects David and Christine had completed in their rooms. They all had a wonderful summer, but home is home! Read Full Story