Aaron and Amy are thankful for strength to continue and for their co-workers who are doing well and are making good progress in learning Glarro. Read Full Story

A small group of three Americans, one Swiss and one German returned to the village with them. They stayed for one week, to help finish the office building that has been built with help from various teams. Pray that the members of this short-term team will continue to serve God and grow in their faith, while being back at home now and looking for God’s further direction in their lives.

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A lot has been accomplished on the office building over the last two weeks. The roof is now on, and windows are being made and walls plastered. Read Full Story
Thank you for your prayers. The SUMMIT team in Liberia are keeping well.  Read Full Story
The workshop in Dakar was very encouraging, informative and helpful. Aaron and Amy are excited to start developing Bible lessons for the Glarro soon. Read Full Story

From the airstrip which is two and a half hours away Aaron and Amy flew to Monrovia, and then to Dakar in Senegal. They are attending a workshop on Bible lesson preparation. Pray that God will direct them in preparing Bible lessons.

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Aaron would like to encourage you today with a quote from Albert Richardson: “God wants me to pray. The devil does not want me to pray and does all he can to hinder me. He knows that we can accomplish more through our prayers than through our work. He would rather have us do anything else than pray”. Read Full Story
Pray that Aaron and Amy can expand their time in prayer. “We may be assured of this: The secret of all failure is our failure in secret prayer.” Albert Richardson. Read Full Story
As last year was drawing to an end, it became clear to Aaron and Amy that they needed a break. Therefore, they spent seven weeks in Germany. Through visiting Aaron's family, churches and supporters, they feel refreshed and encouraged. Read Full Story
Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach are nearing the end of their language and culture studies, and have started to take the next step, a literacy programme.  Read Full Story
All New Tribes Mission personnel in Liberia and Guinea are leaving those countries as soon as flights are available because of the Ebola epidemic there. Read Full Story

Robert and Rosemarie Baghurst are so grateful to the team who came from Tennessee to work on their home recently.

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Robert Baghurst is thankful for prayer and that his boils are starting to go down, but he would love to have more sleep at night. Read Full Story
As part of a team of five men, Robert Baghurst has arrived safely in Monrovia, Liberia but some of their baggage is missing. Pray that it will be returned to them quickly. Read Full Story