The NTM Netherlands team are looking for workers, sponsors and those who will pray. Read Full Story
Jonathan and Rachel were there to help with a missionary trainers' forum, talking about issues such as discipleship and how to be more effective in equipping people for cross-cultural church planting. Read Full Story
In June, Erwin participated in a workshop about foundational Bible teaching, which the mission offered for local leaders. Read Full Story
Fernando and Tabitha Da Silva with Daniel and Eliana moved to the mission school in Brazil during March this year. Read Full Story
So much has happened; that Julia sometimes finds it hard to process it all. She enjoys her class and finds the children’s eagerness to learn refreshing. Read Full Story
Ever since Jonathan and Rachel Willcock arrived back in the UK four years ago, they have continued to have a connection to Latin America, making trips back to the region for workshops at least once a year. Read Full Story
The morning the missionaries started teaching in July, they got there thirty minutes early to set up. They opened up the windows, swept the room, laid out the new Mehikan "Bibles" on the table - most of Genesis, Exodus, and other OT book portions. They arranged the chairs and wrote Genesis 1:1 on the board, and then waited. Read Full Story
It has been a whirlwind week of preparations for the school year which started on Monday this week. Read Full Story
Tim and Sharon Simmonds are excited to see sixteen students from the training centre in Mexico graduate today.  Read Full Story

Whilst Stephen, Helena, Ashley, Amy, and Grace Brown are on home assignment in the USA, Helena sensed that it would be good to visit their friends, Colombian missionaries, who are training Mexicans to be cross-cultural church planters.

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This time the language evaluation happened as it would be done in a tribal location. Erwin and Rita received questions from the consultants whose answers were recorded first and then transcribed by them word for word, so that the language helper could correct Erwin and Rita's answers later. Read Full Story
A friend recently wrote to David and Chris Brown and asked, “Are you affected by the avalanche in Colombia?” Read Full Story
David, Christine, Abby and Sarah Baxter have been challenged recently by the verses in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 as so many of their friends, have had to put those verses into practice! Read Full Story
Classes at the Radius training centre are into the eighth week of the second (and last) term for the sixteen current students Read Full Story
It has not always been easy for Erwin and Rita, but God has helped them through everything and they know that they can trust Him that He will continue to do so. Read Full Story
Jonathan has been sharing in different training centres and has also visited tribal works. Read Full Story
For Fernando and Tabitha 2017 soon started with an amazing change when on the 5th of January, Eliana was born into their family! Read Full Story
After listening to some of the theory, the students were excited to see the different language learning techniques actually working! Read Full Story
For Erwin and Rita Penner with Hanna, Ben and Lia; living on the southern hemisphere turns seasons of the year around. So right now they're in the middle of the summer with daily temperatures of almost 40 degrees. Read Full Story
Stephen and Helena with Ashley, Amy, and Grace are currently on home assignment in the UK. Read Full Story