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Jan and Doortje Groenveld, itinerant missionaries from the Netherlands, are thankful that the drilling rig was able to make it to their village despite the poor roads. Pray for a way to get more water available to the Komono through one well that’s delivering 4000 l/h. Read Full Story
Twenty teachers and helpers from thirteen villages attended a literacy workshop last month.  Read Full Story

Jan and Doorje Groenveld ask for prayer that the roads would be good enough for them to get the drilling rig to the Komono village and that they would find a suitable water source.

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Paul and Marina will return at the end of the month with another suitcase full of teaching materials and Scripture portions.

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After spending a very busy two months in their village in Ivory Coast Paul and Marina Briggs arrived back in the UK this week. Read Full Story
Pray for wisdom for Paul and Marina Briggs as the Loron believers bring questions about the Bible and what it teaches.  Read Full Story
Jan and Doortje minister to the Komono people in Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso itinerantly from The Netherlands. Read Full Story
Thirty years ago, Paul and Marina Briggs moved into a Loron village in northern Ivory Coast to become part of the missionary team working among this unreached people group. Read Full Story
The team of men some of whom are staff members from NTM at North Cotes will spend two weeks in a remote village in the Ivory Coast helping the believers to put up a church building. Read Full Story
They were able to develop three great sources of water for the community. The people are absolutely thrilled that they now have access to safe, clean water Read Full Story
Paul and Marina’s time in Ivory Coast (Jan-March) was very encouraging and it was so good to see progress in a number of aspects of the ministry among the Loron people. Read Full Story
Marina has been involved in getting things started but a Loron literacy teacher will take responsibility for the class in a couple of weeks’ time. Pray for faithfulness and stamina to complete the course.  Read Full Story
Jan and Doortje thank the Lord for the time that they were able to spend recently with Komono people and believers. Read Full Story
Once Paul and Marina have gathered supplies and got their vehicle back on the road they hope to continue on to Ivory Coast to launch the new Loron literacy course and to do more translation checking and Bible teaching. Read Full Story
Paul and Marina Briggs would like to thank you for your prayers and encouraging support during 2016 for the Loron Bible translation and literacy project. Read Full Story
Jan and Doortje thank the Lord for the renewed interest in getting literacy work going among the Komono. Also Friends in Action plan to drill two wells in the village.  Read Full Story
Over the past three weeks, three Loron men and a Bible translation consultant have worked on a thorough verse-by-verse check of the Gospel of Matthew which has been translated into the Loron language. Read Full Story
Paul and Marina Briggs spent most of August in Senegal working on a new literacy course for the Loron language.  Read Full Story
Pray for unity among the Komono believers, so that they will function as the body of Christ in their environment and for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives to produce growth and multiplication. Read Full Story
Praise the Lord that they were able to complete a major revision of the Loron literacy programme. With the help of new computer software developed by the NTM computer department, they were able to do in three weeks what in the past has taken many months to achieve.  Read Full Story