Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo praise the Lord that an SIL translator and her team have finished the translation of the New Testament and Genesis in Konyagi! It is now ready for print and they have even received the necessary funds to cover these expenses.  Read Full Story
Alessandro and Chantal have been waiting a long time for this moment and they are thankful to have finally settled in a Konyagi village where they can be immersed in the context and focus on learning. Read Full Story
It’s only by God grace that they now have a well with abundant water! What a blessing it is to have running water in the house! Read Full Story
While they wait for their own house to be completed Alessandro and Chantal have settled into their co-workers’ house. Pray for their co-workers the Hofer family, who recently returned to the USA to seek help for Sherri who is unwell.  Read Full Story
It was just a few weeks ago that Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo asked for prayer regarding the possibility of having a drilled well in the village. Read Full Story
The well digger still has not returned to complete Alessandro and Chantal’s well and now that the dry season has arrived, the level of water is going down.  Read Full Story
Some progress has been made on the Parrillo’s house but definitely not as much as they had hoped. Read Full Story
Last week, Alessandro took a trip to Guinea. The main reason was for the vehicle paperwork (since they have a Guinean vehicle in Senegal, they must return to Guinea every 40 days). While there, he also was able to see the house construction and meet a number of people. Read Full Story
The month of November has arrived and Alessandro and Chantal would love to say that they’re finally moving… but that’s not the case… they still need to wait! Read Full Story
Ruth is thankful to have settled back into life in Senegal and that she has a good relationship with her co-workers. Read Full Story
Literacy is not only about teaching people to read and write. It’s about enabling people to read God’s letter so they fall in love with our amazing Creator. It’s about giving them access to God’s Word so it becomes their guide for determining what is truth. Read Full Story
The trip to Senegal went well but Alessandro and Chantal are glad they won’t have another aeroplane trip with their two little ones anytime soon! Read Full Story
The trip from Canada to Italy went well, considering that they were travelling with two small children.  Read Full Story
Alessandro and Chantal have received permission to live in a Konyagi village in northern Guinea.  Read Full Story
There are many challenges ahead of Alessandro and Chantal as they prepare to move into a Konyagi village in Guinea. Read Full Story

Forty-one men and women who wanted someone to teach them God’s Word.

 Read Full Story
At the beginning of August, they moved into a furnished apartment in Ottawa. It was not what they had originally intended, but due to Alessandro’s immigration situation, and after much prayer, God directed them to move to Ontario.  Read Full Story
Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo find it hard to know where to start to share everything that has happened over the past months. Read Full Story
Since the beginning of this project, there have been numerous obstacles. Alessandro and Chantal previously mentioned about the Konyagi helpers from the village who didn’t arrive as planned and how God turned that into a good thing by providing other helpers there in Dakar. Read Full Story
Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo with Samuel survived their last three weeks in the village. It wasn’t easy, but God sent them some help! Michaela, another NTM missionary, came back to the village with them. They thank God for her help, which allowed them to check some more Bible lessons and to pack up the whole house, while still remaining somewhat sane.  Read Full Story