Yembiyembi People Group News

Lucas and Prisca may not see Brooks and Nina Buser again before their lives end, but they know they'll see God.

Yembiyembi believers realize it's tough to walk with Jesus after walking in the flesh for years.

Yembiyembi believers are inspired by Lawrence's example and words.

An Yembiyembi believer's death creates the opportunity to teach about foundational biblical truths.

An outspoken Yembiyembi believer was not afraid to die, and knew death wasn't a result of magic.

Even in the face of death, Yembiyembi believers are proving their faith in the One true God.

Yembiyembi believers gaining depth, stability in their faith.

Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea are prepared to accept persecution and are firm in their desire to follow the Lord.

Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea share how their thinking has changed.

Questions arise about life and death and the source of death.

How will the passing of two unbelievers affect others who have heard God's Word?

Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea are excited about what Heaven will be like.

Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea stand strong when opposition turns violent.

Yembiyembis in Papua New Guinea bravely proclaim their belief in Christ through baptism.

Time in God's Word naturally leads them to tell others about Jesus.

Yembiyembi believers from Papua New Guinea share their faith with zeal and testify with other tribal groups about the message they have received.

Learning that they share beliefs, Yembiyembis and Bagwidos bond in Papua New Guinea

Yembiyembi believers partake of communion despite others "throwing stones" at them.

Yembiyembi believers are growing in their relationship to Christ and taking steps to encourage their relationship to each other.