Yembiyembi People Group News

The Yembiyembi men are learning to lead their families God's way.

21 Yembiyembi men worked hard to complete a training course for deacons.

The Yembiyembi men were challenged by Titus.

Yembiyembi believers are excited to go but concerned about those who won’t be going.

Yembiyembi believers see the importance and urgency of telling others about Jesus.

Brooks Buser recently accompanied a group of Yembiyembi teachers in training and church leaders on a visit to another village, to evaluate when to begin teaching literacy

As they study Acts, Yembiyembi believers are seeing communion and baptism in the right context.

A Yembiyembi teacher stepped down to work on anger issues in his family.

"I have never seen anybody die that way before."

…if God marked this time to close His fingers on us…

"I think you have fed me lies, Papa..."

Yembiyembi believers see the distinction between man's ways and God's as they study Ephesians.

Yembiyembi women put their faith in Christ and make sure that others know.

A 36-week course made the Bible clear to several Yembiyembis.

Yembiyembi teachers-in-training take tough lessons from Titus to heart.

Teaching through the epistles is changing lives.

Yembiyembi believers gained a lot when they attended a workshop to learn to teach and lead.

Yembiyembi men hope others follow their example as they follow Christ.

"I can read the Bible for myself now and see what thinking is right."

Michael, Sakius, Paul and Peter are teaching evangelistic Bible lessons.