Uriay People Group News

Religious leaders said the Uriay had to wash well for God to accept them.

After the Uriay believers heard about the disputes among the first believers as they studied Acts, Fabel prayed

Everyone knew the root was poisonous, and they knew Awe bit into it.

Teaching took the Uriay people from asking, "What was it like for God if there was no ground and no sun?" to praising Him for salvation.

Uriay believers are being challenged to share God’s Word as they study the book of Acts.

Village life in the wet season can be difficult.

Wobre was still confused.

A tough trip and a lot of hard work made it evident the Scriptures were clear.

A small number is meeting and learning, and growing in their relationship with God.

The Uriay people are now celebrating with a real understanding of God's gift.

Uriays continue to speak of their new life in Christ.

Many Uriays place their faith in Christ after hearing evangelistic Bible lessons.

The Uriay people of Papua New Guinea are learning about Jesus.

The Uriays are hearing evangelistic Bible lessons.

Old Testament teaching is building a foundation for them to meet the Redeemer.

A dramatic presentation of an Egyptian father mourning the loss of his first-born son struck a chord.

Uriays who are hearing God's Word must make a choice between believing Scripture or ancestral stories.

The Uriays were shocked to hear where God put Adam and Eve.

The first week of evangelistic Bible lessons among the Uriay people is well attended.

Thursday, missionaries to the Uriay people present Genesis 1:1 as the first week of Bible teaching begins.