Siawi People Group News

The men were horrified at the idea of going without.

"I forgot to bring my Bible today. Do you think God will be pleased?"

Leaders are serving the Siawi church and expanding the reach of the Gospel.

Believers are taking responsibility to direct the church.

Missionaries Ron and Carrie Lindsey returned for a visit to the village where they formerly ministered.

Linda Krieg's family gets a note from a Siawi believer explaining why Linda can't be home for her birthday.

"There is nothing in their culture that shows them" how to love their wives.

Sabien, a Siawi man, is asking important questions about God and his future.

Siawis heard speakers and read from the translated Scriptures as they celebrated Jesus' birth.

Linda Krieg will soon train a Siawi co-worker to use a computer that is en route so the work of translating the Siawi New Testament can move faster.

The Siawi man prayed for his children's spiritual welfare. It took a tragedy to get their attention but the results are positive.

Only four books remain to be translated and the entire New Testament will be ready to print -- hopefully by the end of 2011.

Mesonowae's foster son testifies that God has strengthened him.

Siawi Bible teachers reaching out to a neighboring village know that the time it takes to teach through evangelistic Bible lessons is worth it.

While caring for his sister, Tiuli, Noah grew more interested in the things of God.

When Tiuli, a Siawi girl, was severely gored by a wild pig, her brother speared the pig and saved her life.

Missionary Linda Krieg is grateful for the prayers of Siawi believers even if she doesn't identify with the way they see her.

Believers will have to choose between new ways and deeply ingrained old ways.

Siawi believers will spend their day thanking God for His gift of Salvation.

The Siawi church in Papua New Guinea is learning to lean on God after Kwaelom's recent trial.