Siar People Group News

Exclamations of agreement punctuate evangelistic Bible teaching among the Siar people.

The death of an infant spurs the missionary team to the Siar people to press on in Bible teaching.

Amos and Sali accepted Christ after Bible lessons revealed their need for a Saviour.

The story of Noah became more realistic to some Siars as they attended Bible lessons despite the rain.

Meeting the God of the Word through Bible teaching is a sobering experience.

The Siar people have continued to faithfully listen to Bible teaching in spite of heavy rain.

Learning about Creation is shaking up what they thought they knew.

The first four evangelistic Bible lessons gave the Siar people a look at the truths of God’s Word.

Siar people will hear the first lessons that will tell God’s story from Creation to Christ’s resurrection.

More than 2,300 verses in four languages are on the schedule for Ned Beall. He’s checking Scripture translations for the Siar, Akolet, Maleu and Lusi people groups.

In just a short time, missionaries are presenting the Gospel to the Siar people. This is the culmination of years of studying and learning.

Missionaries see trouble as a sign they need to bring God’s Word to the Siars.

It took a long time for the rest of the Siar people to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel, and it's been worth the wait.

Siars have mixed their traditional beliefs about Suilik with other things they’ve heard, and the result is not the God of the Bible.

One of the Siar men who is helping prepare Bible lessons is beginning to realize that salvation comes by faith, not works – and that “does not sit well” with him, writes Chris Lujan. Pray that God continues to work in his heart.

The Siar man who fears everything wants to know God’s Truth.

Rumor plays on the confusion in the beliefs of the Siars.

Two Siar men who are working with missionaries to translate Scriptures and Bible lessons are hearing things they've never heard before.

She had never been to school.

The beginning of Genesis amazes the Siar people of Papua New Guinea.