God has provided a new, very good language co-worker for Liv Poulsen as they translate part of Genesis. Liv is thankful “for his enthusiasm and great help. Pray that what he hears will have an impact on his life.” Liv also asks for prayer to find another Badyaranke to help with translation. “Everybody is busy in their fields, so this time of year it is not always easy to get someone to help, except for in the late afternoons when they are really tired,” she wrote. Read Full Story
Liv Poulsen is translating the story of Joseph, Genesis 37-46, into the Badyaranke language. Pray for clarity and wisdom, and that the Badyarankes working with her will ensure that it reads well and makes sense. Read Full Story
This is the time of year when the Budiks work all day every day in their hot, dusty fields. So it’s difficult for the Budik Bible teachers to be prepared for the believers’ meetings, and most of the people who attend are too weary to get much out of it. “Pray … that they would find ways to encourage and be encouraged these days,” write Ken and Kathy Satorius. Read Full Story
Musa continues to study Genesis with several literate Saafi men every other week, and they are so interested that they want to meet weekly and build a shelter so more can hear. Pray that their interest continues, and more importantly, that they continue to accept the truths of God’s Word. Read Full Story
Four more people have learned to read and write in Badyaranke, and missionary Liv Poulsen has found Badyarankes to work with her on Scripture translation. Thank you for praying. Read Full Story
Penny Warner recently made good progress preparing to check Bible translation for the Baga Fore people, but that work and another issue held up her translation of Ephesians in Jalunga. She hopes to get back to it this week. Pray. Read Full Story
After three years of discussion, it appeared that the Arabic script for the Saafi language was accepted. But one stakeholder with a great deal of clout is unhappy with it. Pray that the issue can be settled amicably and quickly, so God’s Word can be translated and available in the Saafi language. Read Full Story
The translation of Romans is being checked, and Penny Warner is making good progress translating Ephesians. Thank God with us for this progress, and pray that it continues. Read Full Story
The translation of Romans is being checked, and Penny Warner is making good progress translating Ephesians. Thank God with us for this progress, and pray that it continues. Read Full Story
Bonere, a Konyagi pastor, is preparing evangelistic Bible lessons for his people. “He’s starting to get a hang of it and it’s moving along well,” wrote missionary Chantal Pilon. “He is getting increasingly excited about teaching these lessons. Please pray for the lesson preparation and that God will be preparing the hearts of those who will hear the teaching.” Read Full Story
Budik believers have been teaching Bible lessons and some people want to hear more. Please pray that the teachers grow in their ability to present God’s Word and that the people understand well. Read Full Story
Missionary Aaron Hefner and a Jalunga believer, Juma, visited some village in Mali. When Juma noted that many there were interested in hearing God’s Word he determined he wanted to improve his reading skills. Pray that Juma will realize his responsibility to bring the Gospel message to the Jalungas  Read Full Story
Alexi and Sana have been a great help in moving toward a draft of Ephesians in Balanta. Pray that the draft can be completed soon and checked. Read Full Story
Nine Badyarankes are serving as teachers and helpers for the literacy course. Pray that they stay encouraged, and that the Badyarankes continue to show interest in learning to read and their own language. Read Full Story
Ken Satorius is wrapping up his work checking Bible translation and lessons with Budik believers. He will soon return to the USA and make revisions. Pray that the revised scriptures and lessons are clear to the Budiks. Read Full Story
Penny Warner is finishing the translation of Romans and starting on Ephesians. “Pray … for wisdom and clarity in expressing the letters in Jalunga,” Penny wrote. Read Full Story
Please pray that Liv Poulsen and Eric Stottlemyer are able to find faithful Badyarankes who will help translate Scripture and Bible lessons into the Badyaranke language. Read Full Story
Ken Satorius is checking the translation of the book of Revelation with Budik believers. He's also working through Bible lessons from the book with them, to ensure that they are clear. Please pray. When missionaries started translating Revelation, "Eme was so excited hearing it as we checked that she couldn't wait for the rest of the believers to also hear the end that God has revealed to us in His Word," Ken wrote. Read Full Story
Evangelistic Bible lessons on radio are making an impact on some Lorons. Missionaries Paul and Marina Briggs were encouraged when they visited two villages and saw a good response. Please pray for Paul and Marina as they seek to minister to Lorons and learn how to further encourage the people to listen to God's Word. Read Full Story
Hot, dry winds are making it even more difficult for Chantal Pilon to learn the complex Konyagi language. Please pray. Read Full Story