Pray for Angie Kaeselau as she builds friendships and assimilates the local culture in Senegal, as well as working hard on her language studies. Pray that God will give her boldness as she interacts with new people and practices a new language for His glory. Read Full Story
Missionaries Joel and Andi McMartin are getting their first taste of rural life in West Africa, after spending six months in the capital city of Senegal learning the French language. Pray for the McMartins as they bond with the host family who has agreed to sponsor them. Pray too for their relationships with the small church they attend. Read Full Story
Pray for God's direction, provision, protection and encouragement on Robert and Amanda Kay and their family as they prepare to move into a new ministry. Please pray for safety and governmental stability. Pray that God will open doors for ministry to the Bolon people and will draw many to Christ through building relationships that will open the way to sharing the Gospel with them. Read Full Story
On Sunday the members of L’Eglise Baptiste de la Grace, Grace Baptist Church, in West Africa were delighted to carry out their third missionary commissioning service. The church is now faithfully committed to faithful prayer and giving to three missionaries. Pray for the three families as they look to God for His provision for their ministry. Pray for the members and pastors L’Eglise Baptiste de la Grace as they take on this new adventure. Read Full Story
Joel and Andi McMartin are rapidly learning French in preparation for ministry in Senegal. “Over the past 3 days I have learned 196 new words in French,” Joel wrote. “Only two words come to mind in English: mental exhaustion. … We are supposed to average 50 new words a day. That aggressive pace that will keep us working hard.” Pray that they are able to keep up with the pace. Read Full Story
Penny Warner checked Liv Poulsen’s work last month and gave her the go-ahead to continue on Bible translation. “I am now working on the first chapters in Genesis and Exodus and other portions of scriptures that are needed for the Bible teaching,” Liv wrote. Liv’s co-worker Eric Stottlemyer is working on the lessons, and Eric’s sister Rebecca is helping Liv with translation and Eric with lessons. Pray that the team works well together so evangelistic Bible lessons can begin early in 2012. Read Full Story
Ken Satorius, in Senegal to check translation of Scripture and Bible lessons in Buduk, hurt his arm and hip when he slipped off the tailgate of a truck. Although Ken’s been housebound, “Budik friends and believers have been by to see him,” wrote Ken’s wife, Kathy. “The believers’ meetings are held at our house, and he’s also had a men’s meeting there with the church leaders and others interested. Praise the Lord with us for all He continues to do in spite of Ken’s immobility.” Read Full Story
Three more young men have come to Aaron Hefner to ask to hear God’s Word, so he is sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with them. Pray that they listen attentively, understand their sin and place their faith in the Saviour. Read Full Story
The container of supplies for the school for the children of missionaries in Senegal has arrived, teacher Lois Clark reports. Thank you for praying. “Now begins the process of completing paperwork and having it delivered to the school for unloading,” Lois wrote. Find out more about teaching missionaries’ children. Read Full Story
Several Saafi men are studying God’s Word with a Saafi believer, and they are amazed. “Our understanding of these events was so defective in the past,” one said. “This is so much clearer, and we have learned a lot.” The Saafi Bible teacher has also been invited to another village where people may want to hear God’s Word. Pray that the door is opened for Bible teaching there, and thank God for His work among the Saafis. Read Full Story
This month, Penny Warner will check the translation of Ruth and the story of Joseph that Liv Poulsen and her Badyaranke co-workers have prepared. “Pray that things will go smoothly and for wisdom as we want to make God’s word clear and easily understandable to the Badyaranke people,” Liv wrote. If all goes well, Liv will be ready to begin translating Scriptures that are needed to prepare evangelistic Bible lessons. Read Full Story
Penny Warner and her Jalunga co-workers have completed the rough draft of 1 Thessalonians in Jalunga, and they’re now drafting 2 Thessalonians. Pray for continued good progress toward accurate translations of the two books. Read Full Story
Ken Satorius is visiting Senegal to check and correct Bible translation and teaching materials with Budik believers. “Pray that the time I'll have with the Budik believers, and especially the four men who have been carrying the teaching load during this time, will be profitable and encouraging for me and them,” Ken wrote. Read Full Story
The missionary team is preparing Bible lessons and hopes to soon start evangelistic Bible teaching. “Some of the tribal men who are helping … prepare the lessons have expressed real interest in what they are hearing,” wrote NTM missionary Lois Clark, who teaches the children of missionaries in Senegal. “Pray for hearts to be open among the Badyarankes as well, and that God will draw many to Himself as His Word goes out.” Read Full Story
Thank you for praying that the container of school supplies for Dakar Academy would arrive before the school year started. However, it has not arrived yet. Please continue to pray. “Word is that it should arrive in port the first part of September,” wrote NTM missionary Lois Clark, who teaches at the school for the children of missionaries and others. Find out more about teaching abroad. Read Full Story
Please continue to pray for the six Jalunga men whom Aaron Hefner is teaching through God’s Word. One of them, Juma, “is learning some difficult lessons these days,” Aaron wrote. “Please pray that his faith would grow and that he would grow to be more like Christ through each situation.” Read Full Story
Pray that a container arrives before school starts up again at Dakar Academy on Thursday. “Its contents include our school supplies for this year," and electrical system parts, wrote Lois Clark, who teaches at the school. While problems with electricity have been less common lately, “it will be nice to have those here, get them installed, and have them ‘on duty’ for those times when the power is cut.” Read Full Story
Sue Jenkins of SIL and Papa, a Konyagi believer, are translating Genesis, Matthew and Acts into the Konyagi language. This will be a great help to the church planting team among the Konyagis. “Communicating God’s Word clearly and accurately in another language and culture is an extremely important and difficult job so please pray for them,” wrote NTM missionary Chantal Pilon. Read Full Story
Bonéré, a Konyagi pastor, is preparing evangelistic Bible lessons in the Konyagi language. “Pray for him as he works on this and pray that he’ll find time as he’s very busy these days,” wrote missionary Chantal Pilon. “Pray that these lessons will be well done and will be a great help in sharing the Good News with the Konyagis.” Read Full Story
Ken Satorius has revised Hebrews and Philemon in the Budik language, and is trying to finish revising James by mid-August. After that, he plans to travel from the USA to Senegal so Budik believers can help him check all three books during a six-week visit. Pray that he is able to complete James on time. Read Full Story